How and where do I send a Swarovski product for repair?

As of January 1 2012, all Swarovski Optik products (binoculars, scopes and associated accessories) will be sent to Swarovski North America (SONA)  for repairs. PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking to have your Swarovski crystal jewelry repaired, you must contact Swarovski directly. We do not handle jewelry repairs, only optics (binoculars, scopes, etc.).

Return Process for Repairs

Call SONA at 800-426-3089 and follow the prompt for the service repair department (business hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST). You will need the model name and serial number of your product to be repaired and a description of what the issue is.

You will be issued a service order number, and will be given instructions on how to return your product.

If the repair is covered under warranty, SONA will carry out the repair at no charge. If it is not covered under warranty, you will be contacted by SONA with a cost estimate. You can authorize the repairs to be carried out, or have your product shipped back to you.

Service Department
Tel. 800-426-3089